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Disc caliper 140 / 160 question

nic_77nic_77 Posts: 929
edited April 2019 in Workshop

I have a Boardman SLR signature disc frame and a set of wheels with 160 rotors.
I bought some TRP Spyre SLC post mount calipers... but they don't fit.

The bike has post mounts with the correct hole spacing, but I can't get the caliper close enough to mount without it fouling on the disc rotor. I presume the frame is designed for use with 140 rotors??

I thought it would be easy enough to get some adaptors / or a spacer that moves the mount a bit further away from the frame... but I can't figure out what I need, there are a myriad of options but nothing simply described as a 140 to 160 post mount adaptor.

What do I need please?


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