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Help me pick

brompton pilotbrompton pilot Posts: 21
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As started in an earlier thread I’ve got a CTW voucher to spend shortly
I’m not tethered to any shop any more,and I’m looking at these ... -2019.html ... e-EV340571 ... -2019.html

Any thoughts welcome


  • alanyualanyu Posts: 73
    I choose Boardman.
    Carbon frame vs. Al frame.
    Apparently you will pay for the brand value to Lapierre and Trek if you want a famous brand.
  • joe_totale-2joe_totale-2 Posts: 1,055
    Definitely the Boardman.
    It has the best frame of the lot and over time it can be upgraded to become a very nifty bike.
    Also the red paint job is lovely and IMO it's the best looking bike of the 3.
  • brompton pilotbrompton pilot Posts: 21
    edited April 2019 ... -2019.html
    Found this in the shop,looks beautiful in black,but looking at the wheelbase it might be a little too “race“for my old bones lol
    The Boardman is a fantastic bike,think I’ve narrowed to these 2
  • BTR on here has the red Boardman viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=13094209&hilit=boardman

    The biggest potential negative seems to be tyre clearance, especially if you plan to fit guards. and both accept some bike schemes, but with a ~10% fee IIRC, however if they and your employer are happy for you to top up above the fee-adapted ~£900 voucher than you could get a bargain (although many end of season deals will be gone now)
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  • darrell1967darrell1967 Posts: 217
    The Boardman any day.
    They are very good bikes and the one you’re looking at is the only bike with internal cabling making it look clean and classy. Very understated and not “shouty”.

    I’ve recently picked up a 9.6 Air.
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Lapierre. No heavier than the Boardman and has 105 11 speed rather than Tiagra 10 speed. I'd also look at the Merida Ride and Scultura range. ... 202978.htm ... gJwY_D_BwE
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  • My only concern is the board is slightly high geared,I’m looking for a bike that isn’t going to kill me on the hills as a short round fat beginner
  • darrell1967darrell1967 Posts: 217
    You can always swap out the cassette. Something I will be doing soon.
  • I am a total newbie, but you cant help liking the Boardmans internal cables.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,220
    Heart says the Basso Laguna - hand built carbon from Italy for £999!
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,286
    Boardman in red. Best frame and current Tiagra is pretty good. You get a medium cage rear mech so you can easily swap the cassette for an 11-32.
  • still waiting for my scheme to open,its late,again
    everytime I look at bikes I keep changing my mind
    the Basso is sexy as hell,but I'm a total newbie,and 50,and inflexible so sportive style bike it has to be
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,220
    See if they have any Basso Venta's in stock. They're a more relaxed version of the Astra.
  • isotonikisotonik Posts: 50
    The Trek is overpriced, you ought to be getting 105 for 1k, atleast 105.

    The Merida Scultura is a very good bike but for me is too upright in the riding position.
  • bonzo_bananabonzo_banana Posts: 255
    The trek frame description really annoys me I must say '100 Alpha aluminium' it is utterly meaningless just a marketing name that hides the real material used which is probably 6061 or could even be 7005. I think marketing like that treats the customer with contempt. I don't mind if they make up some stupid name and also tell you the actual material but there is no obvious clue what the material is. Maybe I've missed that information but I couldn't see it. I'm more a Giant fan but the Boardman gets my vote of the 3.
  • I agree,I really want to like the Trek,but they aren’t making it easy
    I’m learning towards the Cannondale Synapse Tiagra or something a bit more adventure bike as I’m going to commute as well as training and club runs and this is getting me more learning towards alloy frames rather than carbon.
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