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Canyon Ultimate SL: Ultegra or 105 plus wheels

sebdangerfieldsebdangerfield Posts: 41
edited May 2019 in Road buying advice
Should I get the -

1. Ultimate 8 SL at £1999 7kg (ultegra, DT SWiss 1800s)

2. Ultimate 7 SL at £1450 7.7kg (105, Mavic Kyrsiums) plus £650 on new wheels. (Difference plus £100 I'll pay myself for the spare wheels)

If 2, any recommendations for wheels? All round, light ish, 40 - 50 mm rims would be nice.


  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    For me the wheels are more important than the deference between 105/ultegra, but someone can argue that its easier to upgrade the wheels in the future than the groupset, plus if you want in the future to go on Di2 its cheaper to buy just the upgrade kid
  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 5,265
    105 is more than adequate for most needs. Especially the new R7000 variant. I still have 5800 on my winter bike (downgraded from 'best') and it's flawless when clean.
  • Cheers guys, that's the way I was leaning. Now just need to choose some wheels :)
  • alanyualanyu Posts: 73
    I recommend Farsports rim (or other high quality rim) + CX-ray + Novatec FS61/FS62. Although the hub is not on their website, you can ask them and it's easy to get in China. FS61/62 are cheap but good perfermonce: 72+215g, carbon reinforced, 4-pawls and good geometry (the geometry is much better than DT240 retail version especially built with the rim > 40mm). THe price should be less than 550 pounds (rims ~ 200, spokes ~ 110, hub ~ 90, plus others) and it can save your wallet.
  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 5,265
    Farsports, Light bicycle, western maker or there's some 2nd hand carbon wheels on the classifieds here for £500 right now.
  • Thanks folks, much appreciated. May well go for the light bicycle ones
  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    i'd go for the 105, you can always gradually upgrade that to ultegra over time, one component at a time if you wanted. Much harder to gradually upgrade wheels! - a site for sore eyes
  • 5858558585 Posts: 207
    If it's the 2 options I think you mean, then the 8 also has the integrated bars/stem. Personally I think the difference between those 2 bikes is definitely worth 500 quid if you know the bars are going to work for you. I've just cancelled an order on one myself, after the delivery date was changed from next week until August unfortunately.
  • flight147zflight147z Posts: 69
    I bought the Ultimate CF SL 7 in 2017 and added carbon wheels from Farsports in 2018

    I would recommend that combination as I am very happy with it. The bikes you are choosing from have the newer frame design and also the newer version of 105 and Ultegra

    I had Tiagra on my first bike and 105 on this one so I have no experience of Ultegra

    There was a thread on here where I got advice on the wheels

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