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Replacing Avid Juicy hydraulic bikes

RogueroseRoguerose Posts: 7
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Just after a bit of advice on replacing the old Avid Juicy 3 brakes on an Orange P7 i have dug out of storage. One squeeze on the lever and it lost all tension.

I've been advised its likely that the seals have worn, allowing fluid out and it would probably be best just to replace them.

Having just moved house and also only using it occasionally, i'm trying to do this as cheap as possible but im a complete novice with hydraulic disk brakes.

Is there anything I can keep, such as the calipers as they are in good condition?

Local bike shop quoted a Sram replacement at £45 per end plus labour but not sure what the £45 includes ( i know, should have asked but slipped my mind)
i'd be happy to scour ebay and attempt it myself (if not too complicated) but just not sure what to look for.

any advice appreciated.


  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    Have a look at this similar thread. Someone asking about maybe replacing brakes or trying to service what they've got.


    I had Avid Juicy 5's years ago. A pain to service. bleed and change pads. Changed to Shimano much preferred them.

    It could be the seals in the lever (like you say, maybe a leak). If they've been in storage then they could have air/water in them. They used DOT 4 brake fluid and it does go off over time.

    You could try bleeding them (or get someone to do it for you). Have you looked for visual leaks around the lever and calipers?

    Brakes aren't that complex - if yours are knackered, then it's quite cost effective just to fit some new ones. You don't need to break the bank. The £45 quote should be new brakes, ie lever and calipers. Possibly not rotors. What brakes have they quoted you on? They are VERY easy to swap over.
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  • Thanks Billy

    They just mentioned Sram but didn't say anything else. I told them budget is small so guess it was probably entry level of whatever type it was.
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