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Which mtb for new rider - approx £500

mickowlmickowl Posts: 15
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Hi all new to mtb riding

Looking for recommendations for a hardtail around the £500 mark, want to get the best i can for the budget. Going to be riding Green/Blue trails progressing to the odd Red when more confident. Im tall and skinny (6ft 1) 12st.

I know its not a big amount to get a really decent bike but just want to start off on something not too expensive that i might come off and break etc... i would like hydraulic breaks and know it will be a 2x drivetrain at this price range (does this matter for what i will be doing?).

Im thinking of Voodoo Bantu, Aizan or Wazoo and the Carrera Vendetta. What are 27.5+ tyres like on tarmac/flatter surfaces(for the odd times im not on the trails)
Also Read about Vitus Nucleus VR? I had a Boardman Hybrid MX Sport and really liked the Boardman but the Boardman MHT's are a bit out of the price range.

Appreciate any advice


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    Have a look at some if the Calibre bikes at Go Outdoors.
    The Line 20 is on budget.
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  • mickowlmickowl Posts: 15
    Cheers, the Line 10 is £636 and has a 1x drivertrain and dropper post. Do you think it would be worth the extra £136 above budget to get these 2 features if I really get into mtb riding and want to upgrade to these things..?

    Havent seen many comments on the Calibres are they decent then?

  • rwooferrwoofer Posts: 209
    I bought my Voodoo Bizango for £525 with a Halfords offer. They do them fairly regularly.
  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    There are a range of what are considered as sensible entry level bikes - you''ve mentioned a few of them already.

    Calibre (Go Outdoors) made/make the Bossnut and Beastnut. The Bossnut won lots of awards for best FS bike around £1000. The HT's seem just as sensible.

    Voodoo can be good if Halfords have a discount going (or join British Cycling and get 10% off).

    Also Vitus are very good as Chain Reaction's own brand. You can sometimes get good deals on 2018 brands from Pauls Cycles and save a few £££'s.

    Personally 1x or 2x doesn't bother me. My HT is old school 3x9 but really 2x as I don't use the granny ring. It gives me a higher gearing for when I ride the road/paths/trails I use it for. My FS is 1x as that is more for proper off-road and again suits me fine. If I were riding green/blues then I'd be happy with 2x but I do like to ride flat out.

    Hydraulic brakes are kind of a given. The main thing you want are some sensible forks. Entry level ones can be heavy and not great. Air forks are preferable.

    Just be aware that if you spend £500 on a bike and really like it - you'll get £200 if you sell int in 12m time and need to spend another £500+ to get anything better. Don't worry about falling off - that's part of the learning curve (just learn how to fall off).

    Dropper posts are really helpful off-road where the terrain changes a lot. Not essential but nice thing to have. If you want to eventually ride red routes they can be really helpful.

    Any of the bikes mentioned will allow you to do what you want to do. Get out, ride, have fun and then want to buy something nicer!
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  • mickowlmickowl Posts: 15

    thanks for that post that's super helpful
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