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Help with stem

SmejdySmejdy Posts: 19
edited April 2019 in MTB buying advice
Hi, i want to buy a new(shorter) stem for my Giant Trance 3 2016. What lenght would you recommend me ? I was thinking something 50mm or less. My another question is if i need the 1 1/8 stem or which one. Thanks


  • yonnyyonny Posts: 36
    Stem size should be chosen to suit your size (reach) as it applies to your frame. It's not something anyone can recommend. If your current stem feels way too long then reduce it significantly, if it's just a little bit long then buy a slightly shorter one.

    It's impossible for us to say if you need 1 1/8 as we don't know what components you have. Measure your steerer tube and bars for diameters, most are 1 1/8 tube with 31.5 or 35 mm bars.
  • SmejdySmejdy Posts: 19
    Yes, i know that it depends on my frame and the reach. I was hoping somebody with the same frame (giant trance) would share what they re using (what lenght). Yep about the diameter i have the RockShox Sektor Gold RL Solo Air, 140 mm travel, 15mm TA, OverDrive tapered. Thats what the website says :D Thanks
  • yonnyyonny Posts: 36
    Smejdy wrote:
    I was hoping somebody with the same frame (giant trance) would share what they re using (what lenght).

    That won't help you buddy, unless physically they are the exact same size/build as you and happen to have the same size frame of course.

    What length stem are you using?

    Does it feel significantly too long?

    The Sektor fork is 1 1/8 steerer tube according to Google.
  • SmejdySmejdy Posts: 19
    Im using the stock one that came with the bike. No it doesnt feel significantly long, but i like to ride a lot of trails and the shorter stem will just put my weight more back and make the steering more precise. Also it looks much better :D:D
  • yonnyyonny Posts: 36
    If you just want more responsive handling then look at 35 or 50 mm.
  • SmejdySmejdy Posts: 19
    Thanks for the help ! Would you recommend me some specific stem ? Something under 40€ Thanks again :D
  • yonnyyonny Posts: 36
    Have a look at Funn stems. They look good, get decent reviews, and are cheap.
  • SmejdySmejdy Posts: 19
    I also found this np stem ... prod158777 but 35mm is sold out, only 45mm is avalible.
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