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Hi i have a specialized sirrus Elite and the cassette is a 11-34T, i am looking to get aanother sets of wheels and keeping the ones that are on the bike fro the turbo training

so that means i need to to buy another cassette but when i look on line the 11-34T seems so come under the MTB category.

my question is is there a difference between a MTB and road Cassette.



  • cycleclinic
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    No difference.
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    There are differences, 11sp mtb fitting on road 10sp at 34t apparently, I’ll let others confirm and explain though...
  • cycleclinic
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    Spacing the same that my point. Shimano MTB Cassettes fit to road freehubs that's the other point. Not the other way round but that's not relevant to this post.

    So no difference for the op and what he needs.
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    I go for one row at the top and one row on the bottom.
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