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I've been looking at Fizik saddles to potentially buy one but am a little confused about their spine concept and saddle fitment. I'm quite flexible so would appear to be categorised as a Snake under their system but the Arione saddle in that category comes as 142mm in the widest fitting.

My sitbone measurement however by Specialized puts me requiring a 150mm saddle which would appear to be an Antares Large at 152mm which is categorised as Chameleon.

My inclination is to go for the Antares as I have always used a wider saddle but wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem?


  • mrb123
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    I wouldn't get too hung up on the spine concept thing. Plenty of inflexible people riding Ariones without problems and vice versa.

    I downloaded the app that lets you measure your flexibility by holding your phone to your chest and leaning forward. On the first try I came out as a bull, then I did a couple of hamstring stretches and morphed into a snake on the next try!

    If you know what width you need then I'd go with that -you'd be on a chameleon saddle then anyway so not as if it would be the other end of the scale in terms of your flexibility.
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    I would take the spine concept stuff with a pinch of salt. I have high flexibility and can easily touch my toes so come under the snake category. I test rode a bike with an Aliante Vs and was so impressed that I bought one - yet that comes under the bull category for inflexible riders. Trying out a saddle for yourself is the best way of deciding what suits.
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    Spine concept theory is rubbish according to me.

    I love the arione but I'm really not flexible so it shouldn't be for me.
  • hypster
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It looks like the Antares for me then.
  • itboffin
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    I ride the Arione and have tried the Antares which i found to be the most uncomfortable saddle ever so much so i rode have a long ride out of the saddle, my Arione is now old and split so thinking about going back to a selle italia SLR superflow

    i'm no racing snake but can put my palms flat on the floor and stay practically horizon on the drops
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