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How do I change my e-mail address?

I've searched through the FAQ.
I've had a look at past posts.
I've been through User Control Panel.

I can't see where I can change my e-mail address.
I'm assuming that it is possible but that I'm too much of a numpty to recognise it.

Can some kind soul point me in the right direction?


  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    Never done it myself, but would this do it:

    User Control Panel.
    'Profile' tab.
    Edit account settings.
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  • Sugar. It's in the second box. Doh! Many apologies.

    Next problem, when I try and change my e-mail I'm told the new e-mail is already in use. All I can think of that maybe somewhere in the dim and distant past I created an account that I no longer use, or have knowledge of. Is there any way of finding out what is happening?

    Is this a mod problem?
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