bent giant talon 29er seat stay

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my talon 29er was ( i Think!) the victim of an attempted theft yesterday. I had it chained up with an Abus lock in a busy bike rack near my local gym. when I returned from my workout the seat was wonky, which i adjuted and rode off. i didn't think much of it, being in a bit of rush. I realised later that the seat stay had been bent, after noticing the rear wheel wasn't spinning well.
my question is, is this repairable and worth claiming on pedal sure insurance?
see pics


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    That's not 'bent' - that's very nearly snapped. No doubt it could be repaired but not easily or cheaply. New frame/bike time - claim for that.
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    That's dead. New frame time.
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    Claim on insurance. That’s what you’re paying the premium for.
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    I wouldn't to ride a bike with that sort of damage. It looks structually compromised.

    You have insurance for a reason. Use it. Maybe get a less appealing bike for leaving unattended?

    Also - report it to the Police - they might have othet reports locally and it might be helpful.
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    That’s really bloody annoying to say the least, if you have the insurance use it. I’d hope they’d appreciate you having a decent lock stopped the whole bike being nicked.
    I saw a bike locked by Kingston station with an Abus lock that the frame had been completely bent. There was a length of scaffold pole through it they’d obviously used to try and break the lock. The lock was perfectly straight, shame about the bike but it shows how good the locks are.
  • thanks all. i live in Oxford which well known for bicycle theft (as well as its University!). I'll definitely report. I've had two bikes stolen over the last 3 years, and reckon the police could do a lot more to reduce this kind of crime. s
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    bigjez1972 wrote:
    thanks all. i live in Oxford which well known for bicycle theft (as well as its University!)...
    How often has the university been stolen?