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Road bike to flat bar conversion

rob39rob39 Posts: 479
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Got a triban 520 for the Mrs but she can't get on with the handle bar set up geometry etc, so wondering if it would be an option to fit a flat bar? It's running Shimano sora triple, I do have spare mtb brake/gear calipers lying around. What do you think


  • timothywtimothyw Posts: 2,482
    It's certainly an option, although isn't usually very cost effective depending on what bits you have on the shelf - might be better selling it on/returning it/making the road bike fit work.

    For what it's worth the flat bar model decathlon sells looks to have the same underlying frame so geometry is obviously workable as flat bar too.
  • MatthewfalleMatthewfalle Posts: 17,380
    it'll be fine and cost effective if you have the bits: i converted a pro carbon from drop to flat years ago without any issues.
    Postby team47b » Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:53 am

    De Sisti wrote:
    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
    smithy21 wrote:

    He's right you know.
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,551
    Perfectly possible. I did the same a couple of years back converting a Planet X London road from drop to flat bar for my grandson


    Sora triple flat bar shifters are readily available ... x0QAvD_BwE

    so you will probably have to spend about £150 (flat bars, shifters, brake levers,cables, grips etc). You can recoup some of that by selling off the drop bars, shifters etc.

    If you think it's worth it then go ahead
  • rob39rob39 Posts: 479
    The geometry of the bike is identical to the flat bar version, think I'll give it a go
  • rob39 wrote:
    The geometry of the bike is identical to the flat bar version, think I'll give it a go

    I've just done it with an old 531 racer to turn into a pub bike. The riser flat bars were £9.95 from Evans or Tredz can't recall which and the shifters/brake levers £31 from bankrupt parts. Two new brake cables £3. Mine is running Sora (3x8) and everything works fine.
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