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Fox 34 NA or NA2?

SuperDuxSuperDux Posts: 4
edited April 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi everyone.

I have a 2017 Fox 34 PE 120mm. I recently upgraded to the Evol air chamber with 130mm travel as this is correct amount for my frame.

I sold the old shaft on ebay as a 120mm 34 Fox float NA2. The guy wants a refund as he claims this is not an NA2 shaft but is NA.

Can anyone confirm exactly what the difference is? I was under the impression everything from 2017 onwards was the NA2? (Or have I misunderstood and NA2 is the Evol shaft?)

Its hard to find out the specifics, ive looked across the internet at pictures, websites etc. But cant find the exact difference between NA and NA2.

Thanks in advance

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