Too many options - not sure what to do

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So I currently have two road bikes: one with an aluminium frame and 8-speed shimano Claris, and one carbon with 11-speed Ultegra.

My thoughts are that I don’t need/want two bikes, and I’m leaning towards having one aluminium bike so that I also have the option of using it on the turbo. However, I don’t really want to keep riding my current aluminium bike with Claris on it, although I do like the frame.

I could take the group set and wheels off my carbon bike and put them on the other one, then sell the carbon frame. However I’d still want to change the cassette to something bigger (I have 11-28 but would prefer 11-32) which would also mean a new derailleur...

So another option is sell the full carbon bike (probably easier to shift?) and buy a completely new group set for the aluminium frame. As mentioned above, this would also mean buying new wheels.

Third option is to sell both bikes and get a completely new aluminium bike with the group set I want on it. Less fiddly, but possibly the most expensive?

I’m too indecisive and can’t make my mind up - anyone have any thoughts? If I were to do any moving about of group sets, I would need to enlist the help of my LBS, and have no idea what sort of cost this would entail.


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    Sell the aluminium bike and just use the carbon on the turbo or else just keep both and use the aluminium one as a dedicated turbo bike.
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    No problem using carbon bikes on the turbo. My carbon TT bike has done thousand of miles on the turbo.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    As I mentioned in my OP, if I’m not gettin a new bike/group set, I’d quite like to put a bigger cassette on my carbon bike - 32 instead of 28. Thing is I’ve got the Ultegra 6800 SS rear derailleur, and a compact chain set, so based on capacity I should, in theory, get a GS derailleur. I’ve read conflicting things about whether the derailleur change is completely necessary or if a 32 cassette can be put on with a bit of a bodge. Thoughts?
  • Get an 11-34 cassette and 105 7000 GS mech for ~£70 and stick them on the carbon bike, if the fit is as good as the aluminium one.
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