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Bike sizing - help

Maxb1992Maxb1992 Posts: 6
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Hi All,

I have recently been left a Trek Madone road bike and would like to start my road adventures.

At one stage I was an avid MTB rider but that died off when I moved to the West Mids.

I have one issue, the bike which I have been left is slightly too tall, even with the saddle completely set down it's still a bit of a stretch to reach how I would like.

My question is - is there a seat on the market which will sit lower and allow me the couple of inches (at most) I need to make this bike a comfortable ride?

Aslo keen on hearing from anyone who lives in the West Mids on good cycle routes.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Max

    Your bike has the proprietary trek seat cap; first step is to check you have th 120mm version not the long 160mm. Next you are talking about reach to the pedals right? (what is your height and inseam)? Finally, if you were really stuck you could cut down the seattube (very carefully as its irreversible) and then the seat cap would sit lower.


  • Maxb1992Maxb1992 Posts: 6
    Hi MM

    Thank you for the reply.

    I have found a local bike shop that deals with Trek and am going in at the weekend with the bike to see if the 120mm stem will do the trick.

    It does specifically say on the frame it's a 'no cut system' - Could this be Trek being overly cautious or does this part of the frame hold some structural integrity?
  • Maxb1992Maxb1992 Posts: 6
    P.S - the current seat cap is 160mm so hoping that just buying the smaller one will do the trick... £185.00 seems pricey but looks as though I have no choice really.
  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 3,212
    How tall are you (and inseam) and what size frame is the bike?

    That should give you a rough idea if it will fit.
  • Maxb1992Maxb1992 Posts: 6
    Will measure when I am back tomorrow!
  • Maxb1992Maxb1992 Posts: 6
    Thanks all for the comments. Update is - went to the local Trek shop, they measured me up against the bike and advised that the 4cm reduction would make all the difference and bring the bike to a rideable height. Part ordered.. many thanks.
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