Route ideas near Guildford

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A friend that I haven't seen for many years is coming down to Surrey for business and we're planning an evening cycle out from somewhere around Guildford, though that a fairly arbitrary choice and we could move the start by 15-20 miles easily enough. I'm looking for ideas of a good route in a part of the country I haven't explored before so ideally ~30 miles (a couple of hours) starting on a weekday evening around 6pm.

Any information appreciated. We could link a route together around Leith Hill and/or Box Hill but are these worth it or are there better routes in that area?

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    Depends on what you're looking for. Surrey hills to the west of you or some lovely lanes to the east around Hindhead/Farnham/Frensham.

    Plenty of options
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    Drive to Haslemere, then ride in the triangle between Haslemere Petworth and Midhurst. Beautiful, quiet, challenging, great pubs...
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    I'd possibly avoid the Surrey Hills at that time of day and as suggested head further south and east, I think the roads tend to be quieter.
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    Many thanks for the advice. I think we'll give the Surrey Hills a miss and head for a Haslemere (ish!) start and either head round the Petworth/Midhurst loop or explore the Punchbowl
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    roads around the punchbowl are nice. also try south of Leith Hill, Newdigate and rusper etc...
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    Newdigate and Rusper are nice, but they are commuter rat runs and won't be that quiet around 6 pm. I should know, I used to use those roads a few years ago!

    Here's a route I did a few years ago -

    The road up from Tillington (near Petworth) towards Lurgashall is lovely, narrow, some fast bits with corners and patchy surface, but a great road.
    Blackdown is just south of Haslemere, it's the highest point in Sussex, although you would have to walk from the road into the woods to get to the actual summit. If you are riding up from Gospel Green on Jobson's Lane, note the Strava segment finishes after the second car park. The first part of the climb is quite steep, but after the junction it backs off and is quite a long grind with not much left in your legs.
    Bexley Hill is a brute, a bit of a scaled down Barhatch in that the last part is the steepest. There's a long swoopping descent down to the edge of Midhurst from the top.
    Quell Lane is also a good climb, although I have only been up it a couple of times so can't remember it all that well.
    Pubs in Tillington, Lurgashall, Lickfold, Lodsworth and Easebourne as well as the towns at the edge of this area. There's a nice village shop in Lodsworth too, although I don't know how late they stay open into the evening.

    If that isn't enough, go south of the A272 to Selham Grafton and Duncton. Less hilly, bigger more open lanes. Burton Park Road goes past a reservoir/fishing lake, and is really scenic.

    Just beyond there is Bignor, which has the steepest climb I have come across south of London. 25% or more :twisted: