Novatec D711SB front hub convert to thru axle?

munkster Posts: 819
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I am vaguely thinking of getting a bike that apparently has a bolt thru front axle (SuperSix Disc) and ideally would switch some disc wheels I have on another bike onto it. This existing set has a Novatec D711SB hub with a QR axle so I am wondering if this can somehow be converted into a bolt thru set up? Ta!


  • munkster
    munkster Posts: 819
    Been googling. Looks like the answer may be “no”. Ah well.
  • cycleclinic
    cycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    The answer is no unless it was the 4n1 hubs but getting the right bits s no longer possible. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • munkster
    munkster Posts: 819
    "No" in general then. Ah well.
  • pilot_pete
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    Would it be possible to have the end caps machined to fit the through axle? I had this done on some Hope end caps to fit a through axle as specific end caps weren’t available for that particular hub. Works a treat.