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Laptop recommendation

andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,764
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My 15 year old daughter's Lenovo laptop is damaged and either needs replaced or repaired and then moved down the line to he younger sister.
It's around 3 years old, an Ideapad 310 with 8gb Ram and it's a broken case around a rear corner/hinge plus 2 duff keys. Local small repair place quoted £100+ (assuming they could get parts) so to me verging on uneconomic. If I could repair, using glue, the case, I'm not sure about a keyboard fix hence investigating replacement. Battery life now minimal.
Have seen a few decent looking machines for £350'ish, (HP / Lenovo/ Dell) but not sure what processor etc to aim for at that pricepoint, also seen SSD drives which have smaller capacity but are faster I think.
Any pointers please?

After a few hours I've seen a few machines that seem appropriate ... ws-10.html ... hotukdeals ... 097uk.html ... 9-pdt.html ... #DetailTop


  • meursaultmeursault Posts: 1,433
    Get the fastest processor and graphics card for your budget, the rest is mainly hype.

    It does depend on usage though, just internet browsing/homework? Then you don't need the highest spec.
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  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,764
    Y, is for general use, homework, watching films etc but is likely to have increased use for music-related work, such as recording & editing.
    Not sure how easily comparable real speed is across the different processors speed, Intel and AMD etc
  • ayjayceeayjaycee Posts: 1,277
    Cannondale Synapse Carbon Ultegra
    Kinesis Racelight 4S
    Specialized Allez Elite (Frame/Forks for sale)
    Specialized Crosstrail Comp Disk (For sale)
  • orraloonorraloon Posts: 11,687
    Check Morgan, Microdream et al for refurb. Just bought from Microdream a Lenovo X230 core i7 with 480gb SSD, good price, excellent condition, fast as, very happy.
  • robert88robert88 Posts: 2,696
    IMO you want an SSD one. They boot up much quicker and are quieter and cooler. Mine's a fairly cheap HP thing about 2 years old. I get by on 256Gb internal drive plus external drive for the bulky stuff. Came from ebuyer, no probs.
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    An SSD is good if it's the right type, and big enough for Windows + updates + apps. See this recent Gaurdian Ask Jack on that very subject. ... -10-laptop

    I also noticed this in the same place - Best Laptop For A Child, about £200 - ... ws-macbook
  • eric_draveneric_draven Posts: 1,192
    I bought a Dell Latitude E6430 about 12 months ago,it was a refurbed unit with the latest windows in it for £180 from a local small computer shop,does everything i wanted it to browse listen to music via speakers YouTube etc I don't game,the main reason i went this route is all the new laptops have nowhere to rip a CD which is something I still buy and do

    Maybe worth this sort of route if it is for your kids
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,050
    if its just for docs, browsing, email & videos etc any budget laptop with a reasonably long battery life then ditch Windows and install this free Linux distro its as close to a Mac experience without having to be a tech to use it.
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