Fulcrum freehub swap - campag to shimano 11 speed

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Looking for a bit of advice, my fulcrum racing 3 wheels are probably approaching the limit of rim wear (although I'm struggling to find any information on how much wear is acceptable).

I have been offered an almost new pair of fulcrum racing 3 with a campag freehub (both old and new are 11 speed).
Can I just switch over the freehub bodies from my old wheels to the new ones to convert them to shimano?



  • shirley_basso
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    Yep almost certainly can. If not just use campg cassettes as 11sp is totally cross compatable.
  • Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels have been using the same freehub for quite a long time, so yes, a simple swap.
  • mrdsgs
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    yes, assuming you are swapping freehubs rather than simply using a camper 11 cassette, there are 2 different 15mm axle shimano 11 speed free hub bodies, the steel one weighs an absolute ton so try and get the newer/much lighter white/plasma coated one, about £70 I think.

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  • monkimark
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    Excellent, thanks everybody.