Can you use a UST rim with an inner tube if required?

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A friend who 'doesn't do the internet' is looking to buy a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST wheels and has asked me if it is ok to use normal clinchers and inner tubes on a UST rim if required. I use tubeless on my own bike but it hasn't got UST rims and I don't know much about them.

As far as I know, it'll be perfectly fine and the only time there's an issue is when a tubeless tyre is used on a non-tubeless wheel but I thought I'd ask on here to be sure.

I know there's little point in buying a UST wheel and then not using it tubeless. Really the concern is if he's abroad on a cycling holiday and has a tyre failure any old bike shop can sell him a clincher but not every shop can sell him UST compatible tyre, hence the question.


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    Yes, you can . No problem.
  • Brilliant, thanks for the reply.
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    they come with factory fitted tubes on S3s and S5s if that helps.
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