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First ever MTB holiday in the Alps, how much and where?

Klang180Klang180 Posts: 22
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My brother and me have always wanted to go to the Alps to do a spot of mountain biking. We are avid snowboarders and love the mountains so would love to experience them in the summer. We've done mountain biking at places like Cannock and New Forest but nothing particularly extreme. We don't have any of the equipment or bikes that are really up to the task of going to the Alps so we would most likely rent. We know how much self catering and travel costs in the alps in the winter but something we're not sure about is the bike related costs, can anyone give us a steer? We'd be going for a week I think and looking for somewhere with plenty of beginner/intermediate terrain but somewhere that isn't like the UK places.

Can anyone give me a rough estimate of cost and idea of where might be best to first look?

Thanks so much everyone.


  • eric_draveneric_draven Posts: 1,192
    Try the Whiteroom Chalet they do guiding and split the groups as to their ability so riders get the most out of their weeks,I have stayed with them a couple of times,the riding is great and their the best hosts of all the places I have stopped at,they can organise hire bikes as I was asked the last time I have stayed with them as I went last minute with them,the best thing to do is to contact them
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