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Shimano Di2 Gear Change Information

afham07afham07 Posts: 21
edited April 2019 in Road general

If I am not mistaken, I saw there were stats somewhere (either garmin/Strava/etc) showing number of time I shift on FD and RD. I have completely forgot where or how can I get those number?

Thanks in advance.


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    A quick google would have shown you...
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    If my stat obsessed pal knew that they did this - he'd have Di2 in a flash ! Pie charts you say ?
  • Wahoo Elemnt Bolt companion app gives that info already for every ride.
  • afham07afham07 Posts: 21
    rafletcher wrote:
    A quick google would have shown you...

    I have searched this but I remember I saw somewhere either on app or on the Garmin device itself. BTW, I have found it on the summary after the ride shows this information. Not on the app tho. Thanks.
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