Disc Brakes

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I have recently bought a Giant Defy, it has the disc brakes that are cable actuated to a hydraulic cylinder mounted in front of the stem, iv never had disc brakes before but felt a little underwhelmed by the stopping power, is this something I can adjust on the bike or alternatively would better rotors and pads give me more initial bite?
Any suggestions are very welcomed


  • pilot_pete
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    Have you bedded then in?

  • Pilot Pete wrote:
    Have you bedded then in?

    Could you explain how exactly pads are bedded in?
    What iv been told is get up to about 10mph and brake hard multiple times?
    Is this what you mean?
    Also I boils the bike second hand so I can’t rule out contamination,
    I’ll change the pads and clean the rotors and see if that helps,
    Any recommendations for pads?