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Anyone on an X-Caliber 9

lampygirllampygirl Posts: 2
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Hi all,

New to the forum, and to mountain bikes.

I've ridden road for a while, but a lot of dog walking in our local woods and a few mates who ride there regularly are drawing me in to the mud. I'm looking for a bike that can cover decent distances on 'the flat' on bridleways and the like, paths (not pavement, more the gravely routes that go round lakes/forests etc) and also the singletrack trails local to us (permit based) so thought a hardtail might give a good compromise.

I had been looking at the Trek X-Caliber 9, but mountain bikes have moved on a long way from the last time I had one which must have been 12-14 years ago. so wanted to gather opinions on whether this and similar sort of bikes would be a decent option. 29er for covering the distance, 2x11 gearing, hydro disc and a remote lockout fork.

I am not looking to spend a fortune, but having a well specc'd road bike means I am cautions of going too entry level with the drive/shifting components and then having to upgrade too much too soon, around the £1k mark is a sensible budget.


  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    Welcome and good luck with your mountain biking. As a suggestion you could go to Halfords and have a look at the Boardman 29 inch hardtails which suit your price and use but may not have the remote lock out.
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