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Attaching a rack to an mtb

turbo1191turbo1191 Posts: 501
edited April 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi folks. I want to put a rack on the back of my saracen mantra.. never used a rack before so not quite sure where to start. It does seem to have eyelets top and bottom of the seatstays so i presume this is the mounting points? A lot of the racks im seeing for mtb’s are attaching them to the dropouts but this isn’t an option for me. can anyone give me some pointers.. i’ve attached a pic of the bike.


33647333118_a8b5d4586e_z.jpgmantra pro by thebigman1191, on Flickr


  • sparquinsparquin Posts: 66
    Those eyelets do indeed look like mounting points for a four point rack. At the risk of stating the very obvious, I suggest getting a rack from your LBS and following the instructions.
  • turbo1191turbo1191 Posts: 501
    Unfortunately I am in Greece and haven't got an LBS. I'll be ordering from the internet so need to get it right first time round..
  • sparquinsparquin Posts: 66
    My apologies. A quick search on your behalf shows that one or two manufacturers - this Bontrager one, for example: ... zoom-modal
    - have a handy size guide
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