Carbon Respray

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Has anyone resprayed their carbon steed?

There's a guy that I see quite regularly on a petrol blue canyon and the bike of the year (Rondo something) is a great dusky red colour and they both look amazing. My Giant, on the other hand, was designed by the five year old that designs all Giant bikes (make it black, write Giant on it in huge letters).

I fancy a change but it's hard to justify when my current bike is absolutely fine. So, is it even possible to respray a carbon bike?!
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    There are quite a few people out there.

    Check out

    colourburn studio & ooey custom on instagram

    Kustomflow is one too.

    Any of the custom bike manufacturers/ repair studios will also do it.
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    I recently spent a long time rubbing down a carbon frame, a mix of bare carbon and lime green paint/decals to respray it. I found a spray paint that was supposed to be fine on glass fibre (a similar finish). After repainting then vinyl decals and a 2K clear coat finish over everything it looked great however:
    The coloured paint (it did not need a primer) chips as soon as you knock it with anything. The clear coat has bonded fine but the colour is poor. I contacted the manufacturer (Rusotoleum) of the paint as on there website it shows furniture, plastics & a bike but they said it is only designed to be decorative. I clearly was not going to get anywhere and it is debatable it it would be worth the effort. Further research suggests that using a 2K colour with a 2k clear coat would have probably been better. What is annoying is the finish came up really well and with the decals looked a proper job.
    The downside is that the 2K aerosol paints only have a 12 to 24 hour pot life once activated. You need to make sure you can get the coats on that you want before the stuff expires. It also has to be used with a mask as it has some nasty stuff for the activator.
    It was worth trying but I am not sure I would recommend a DIY job to anyone. Previously I have had a lot of success with aluminium frames being powder coated but you cannot do this with plastic fantastic.