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Garmin Edge 1000 and Strava Segments

Sutton_RiderSutton_Rider Posts: 491
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I've looked through the manuals, but can't find the answers. I'm thinking of upgrading to an Edge 1000 form an 800. I'm interested in getting Strava segment data while on my rides. I have a couple of questions.
1. Do you have to have a premium membership account to Strava to get live segments?
2. Do you need a data feed via a mobile phone while riding? (I don't carry a smart phone while riding).
3. Or can you upload the segments of interest to the Garmin and get notification and info when approaching one?
I'm not sure how it all works any info would be welcome. Thanks.


  • If it's like my Lezyne Super GPS...

    However, the live segment timing is only of use if you smash your previous segment PB, if you are a few seconds either way on live timing it could go either way when you upload the ride to Strava.
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  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,432
    Yes and No as per nitrous oxides reply.
    For the 3rd pretty sure you just need to 'star' the segments to make them flag up when riding.
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  • Thanks guys for the quick replies. One more question. If you don't have a premium account with Strava, (as per Q1) what would the effect be on the 1000 during the ride regarding segments?
  • zeeezeee Posts: 103
    You need a premium account but I subscribed for one month starred all the segments then unsubscribed and I still get live segments. There is also a way to do this for free using a 3rd party website

    As already said you don't need any data connection to use the live segments once loaded onto your garmin.
  • That's great Zeee, just what I needed to know. Thanks.
  • super_davosuper_davo Posts: 1,098
    Also worth noting that since Strava changed its premium service to Summit, you only need one of the packs to get access to live segments.

    I have the analysis pack which cost me £18 for a year, and it gives me all of the old premium features I would actually use. For example Live Segments, power and HR analysis, the ability to download old rides and turn into routes for future use.

    I know a lot of "premium services" are a rip off, but that seems pretty reasonable, and at that price hardly worth gaming the system by paying for a month as suggested.
  • I think I'll do the same, I only need the analysis pack.
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