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What fs bike for 13 yr old?

Shooting mikeShooting mike Posts: 54
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13 yr old son looking to enter the world of full sus. Currently has a 24” Btwin hardta that was ok at first, but the short grips (due to the grip shift) hurt his hands on anything bumpy, and when he moves his hands inbound he accidentally changes gear which frustrates him and puts home off.

Last weekend we were riding and there was a kid on a Propain 24 inch that their Dad said was able to take a 26 inch wheel which I thought was useful. Looked a proper bit of kit. That said, they’re damn expensive!

He is quite small for his age but not far off growing out of the btwin. Any suggestions for something cheap but half decent?


  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,474
    Why does it have to be full sus? VFM for full suss at low price points is poor, especially compared with what you can get for the same money as a hardtail.

    Clearly 2nd hand offers good VFM for a growing teen where they might outgrow it fairly soon. Or go down the route of the premium kids brands like Isla Bikes or Frog which will cost £££ upfront but have good 2nd hand value. Or try to pick one up 2nd hand confident in the knowledge that yuo can sell it on for a decent 3rd hand value.
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