RIP Ranking Roger

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Sadly died today after a battle with cancer.
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    Mirror in The Bathroom, ah yes. I'm going to download that now. Where did the years go...?
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    Aah hell, knew he was in a bad way. Saw the Beat live a few times over the years, the first time in 1983 and most recently a few years ago in Brighton and actually got to meet the band after the gig. Very sad news.
  • This is really sad and makes me feel old. When I was at Aston University in the early 80’s, the Beat played there a number of times and I remember also seeing Ranking Roger regularly at the local indoor market..
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    Saw The Beat play a Rock against Racism gig in 1980-ish, they were a great live band and Roger was a big part of that.

    Always a sobering moment when people your age are dying.
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    “Take him to a discotheque take him to a pub. Take him to the blues and then you play him rub a dub”

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    Yep - sad day for skankers

    Two Tone music was definitely part of the soundtrack to my youth and this guy was a character for sure.
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