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Anyone else ride the Cheshire Cat on Sunday?

djrikkidjrikki Posts: 83
Apart from the Rutland Epique this was only my second hilly sportive outside of Lincolnshire and I had buckets of fun climbing up Mow Cop!

I saw plenty of riders managing to ride Mow Cop without dismounting, sadly I haven't managed to master anything approaching 20% yet! But still it was great to take part and give it my best shot - great views up there too - managed to get some good videos whilst waiting for my heart rate to drop back.

Highly recommended sportive!


  • Didn't know it was on. Looks good. Bookmarked.
    I went up to Staveley for a 55 miler through the Yorkshire Dales. That's worth thinking about next year - a good route.
  • CandyonCandyon Posts: 24
    I took part in the long route. Had a moving time of 6 hours 42. Wasn't a fan of the long sections of A road and duel carriageway after route split. But in general enjoyed it.

    Made it up Mow Cop without stopping. I made it up last year but had to stop and put my foot down after the steepest bit near the top to get my breath back.
    Last year I'd had a really bad winter and had a race to get fit for it and managed the 80 mile route but this year I did the long route with a faster average speed by 1 mph so was really pleased with how it went.

    It's pretty flat where I'm from so have to cycle at least 25 miles before getting to any sort of worthwhile hills. Does make it more difficult to train for the likes of Mow Cop.
  • djrikkidjrikki Posts: 83
    Yeah I don't think anyone much likes A-roads and dual carriageways. Although I don't really remember a dual carriageway at all so maybe it was on and off idk. Well done Candyon it's always good to push yourself :)
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