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Komoot issues

davebradswmbdavebradswmb Posts: 244
edited March 2019 in Road general
I don't know if I am just being thick, but I can't get Komoot to work. I have only tried to use it twice, but both times I have come up against the same issue. It will not route along certain sections of road, something I have had with other route planning apps, but it seems to happen more often with Komoot (admittedly with only using it twice my sample isn't going to be very representative) and worse still I can't find a work around to get it to stay on the road. In all the other applications I have used I have been able to force it to follow the route and just join the dots. There is an option in the Komoot web application to turn off "follow ways" but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Are there any Komoot power users out there who can help me?


  • cgfw201cgfw201 Posts: 669
    I like Komoot but do find the website infuriating to plan with.

    I now just use Strava for 95% of route planning, even off-road stuff as I find the heatmap a bit of a trump card against all the other route planning sites.

    The only time I do like to use Komoot is out and about on a ride, as their app is really good and allows you to reroute or create new routes and send straight to the Wahoo to get you out of any potentially sticky situations.
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