Canyon Grail AL 7.0

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I left this comment on the review of the Canyon Grail AL 7.0 and it's permanently stuck at pending so has been moderated. I guess because I criticised the review and mentioned many people on forums have had Canyon frames fail. So I've stuck it here. It may well get removed. I totally admit to having a strong bias in favour of Giant but then many comments left show a strong bias.

Seems to have been a lot of complaints in forums about Canyon frame's failing and poor warranty experiences but not sure if that is just carbon or aluminium too but it's worth pointing out the weight limits and length of warranty is less than many of their competitors like Giant.

Also a 6061-T6 frame is not a high end frame, some competitor's are using more advanced aluminium at this price point, 6066, 6069 and 6011 which enables greater strength at lower weight. Who makes this Canyon frame, I know they used to use Giant for their aluminium frames and may still do but many brands have moved to cheaper factories in Cambodia or Bangladesh as Giant has become more expensive as a OEM supplier for many brands. When a reviewer states 'the frames undoubted durability' I question how that can be judged in a short review and seems more like a marketing statement injected into a so called fair and unbiased review.

Also when a reviewer states it's performance is better than bikes twice the price how is that judged especially as the reviewer has stated it's a heavy bike. If it's the springy feeling of the frame that should be stated in the context of shorter warranty and lower weight limits as many competitor's may have gone with less flexing of the frame to lower fatigue and then offer higher weight limits and longer warranty. If its on the basis of the brakes and groupset they are available on similar priced bikes from other direct sellers.

The Giant Toughroad GX SLR 1 looks a very good alternative, it has a far more advanced frame using 6011 aluminium and believe it's rated to a total load of 160kg, 40kg higher than the Canyon and with a lifetime warranty not a short warranty. Some of the components are worse but some better but I think for value is better, not forgetting you can get it from your local bike shop, full bike fit etc and someone to shake your fist at if things go wrong plus all the additional servicing, setup etc they throw in. Just looks a much better bike to me. I believe it's also a similar sub 10kg weight despite being a much stronger bike.


  • I might as well stick this one here as well. My comment for the Decathlon Triban 520 RC. I question why the site deems it important that I know the weight of the person reviewing the bike but seems to place no importance at all what a bike is rated and certified to take regards weight.

    As far as I know btwin bikes are still limited to a 100kg total load according to their manual which can be restrictive especially if you want to use it for a touring bike. The average weight of a man in the UK is 82kg so take off the 11kg bike weight, fitted accessories on the bike, any luggage, riders clothes etc it can be restrictive. Also only 2 years of warranty on the carbon forks. Some bikes offers a lifetime warranty on carbon forks and have much higher weight limits. I guess the point I'm making is nice bike but taller, heavier riders may be better off looking elsewhere. For some reason professional bike reviews don't mention weight limits which I never understand especially when one brand can have far lower weight limits than its competitors. Even on the Decathlon site itself it isn't mentioned but when you buy the bike there it is clearly stated in the manual. The reviewer is 75kg at 5'9" you scale that up to 6'3" and someone of 90kg is at a similar height to weight ratio according to bmi health charts, who even riding the bike naked with no accessories at all fitted to the bike would be over the 100kg limit.
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    Surely weight limits don't include the bike weight as well...?
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    Why would you include the weight of the bike ? That makes no sense.
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    Maybe he wears a backpack with a spare bike in it in case of a mechanical?
  • It varies by manufacturer, some list just the rider weight limits and others have a total load figure. Normally the total load figure is by manufacturers with low weight limits to make it seem higher.

    The information is here for Decathlon/Btwin; ... ctions.pdf

    I did notice a steel hybrid bike that had a increased total load figure of 120kg and also I think there is a folding bike they higher again but generally pretty much all their other bikes go by the manual above.