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Phone mount

andyh01andyh01 Posts: 571
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Hi all
I'm looking for a way to mount my smartphone Motorola E4 to my stem cap or face plate as I have oval carbon bars. I'm also looking to hang a Hope R4 light off the same bracket too.

So far the best solution I've found is a Garmin out front stem face plate mount with a go pro mount underneath and iay have found an adaptor for the light to go pro.

The main issue is how to mount the phone to the Garmin and the only way I can see is by using a stick on Garmin to the back of a cheapish case or drybag/zip bag but one don't like the looks of the roll down zip bag and two not sure how adhesive the 3m sticker is?
I would prefer something like the quick lock although their phone caseount is just 3m stick on anyway I believe and also no stem.mount and more expensive then I wanted to spend. Or the Topeak ride mount but again more expensive than I wanted to spend but no
light/goo pro mount

Anyone know of a Garmin mount specific phone case or if the 3m stick on any good?
What's the best way to mount phone and a hope R4 front light to stem face plate ?
I could mount light to front fork but need an out front bracket for this else creates a too big of a shadow over front wheel as currently tried this

Thanks Andy
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