Convert to single chainring setup

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I have a 14-speed roadbike which I am intend to make a single chainring conversion and the bike is rather a bit old where some of the component may need to get their replacement.

I would like to replace some component but unable to figure out few of them.

Here are the components I have in my list:
Chainring: 52T
Cassette: 11-32T (11-34T maybe, 8 or 9 speed)
Rear derailleur: what cage size should I get?
Chain: how long should I buy?
Gear shifter: will any gear shifter will fit as long as it is the speed is match with the cassette?

I've been far too long in thinking to work on this conversion and I was hoping someone would help me out before I go down to local or online shop for the component.


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    Either a short or long cage will have enough capacity as there's no rings at the front to worry about. What you will need to check out is the maximum sprocket the rear derailleur can take. If it needs to be increased you can use a Wolf Tooth Roadlink.
    According to this: ... L8QAvD_BwE

    A short cage Sora, 9 speed rear derailleur can go up to 32t sprocket, a long cage 34t.

    Chain length, use this: ... hcalc.html

    I believe you are correct when it comes to the shifter.
  • If the bike is 14 speed it could be either freehub/cassette based on threaded hub/freewheel based. Also if its a 7 speed cassette on a freehub it could be a 7 speed freehub or a 8/9 speed freehub with a 7 speed cassette and a spacer. So it's hard to know what it currently is and what you are prepared to upgrade, I mean are you willing to upgrade the rear wheel. Also what is the spacing of the dropouts, if it's a steel frame you can probably widen them to take a 8/9 speed freehub rear wheel but if its a aluminium frame you are pretty much stuck with the existing dropout spacing.

    I'm going to assume you have a 14 speed road bike with a 7 speed freehub and 7 speed cassette in which case your best option would be something like a 11-32T 7 speed cassette. You can use a wide range of derailleurs and shifters including those from mountain bikes if you want. It really depends on how you want to mount the shifter.

    Just a quick look at pricing. Doesn't have to be expensive. Obviously if you haven't got a freehub you will need to change the cassette to a mega range 7 speed freewheel. ... ?sku=90494

    A likely clone/copy derailleur here for £5.40; ... 62205.html

    Basic 7 speed trigger shifter. Unfortunately they come in pairs. ... 02327.html