Full suspension upgrade help please

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I have been mtbing for years but always on hardtails,I'm looking at finally buying a 2nd hand full Susser and a 2016 Cannondale habit 6 has come up near me that is a good price in fantastic condition and has a few good upgrades on it ,if I bought it I would want to change the shocks front and rear....they are currently 120mm front and rear I know I can up the front to a bigger travel fork but can I up the back too or do I have to keep it at 120mm due to frame design?
I would like to go140 mm front and rear
Thanks in advance


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    You won't be able to convert the rear to 140mm. The extra travel would result in the rear tyre hitting the seat tube.
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  • Ok I thought that would be the case,so I would have to stick to 120mm
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    As someone who transitioned from 25 years of HT's to FS 2 years ago, I bought a 140mm travel bike.

    Having ridden places like BPW, Afan, Cwmcarn, Peaks etc, I have never fully utilised the 140mm travel. I'm not a jumper and like fast. flowing single track (fairly XC orientated). I love the bike but I'll never exceed it's capabilities.

    As your first FS bike - 120mm should be fine. It' s a bit of a revelation after HT's. I still have my HT and still love riding it - I was out on it last night as my winter night ride hack.

    Plan B is buy a different bike!
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    BillyCool wrote:
    Plan B is buy a different bike!

    Yeah if you're buying a full sus and the first plan is to replace all the suspension, then it's probably not the right bike for you