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So I’m getting into my music again and discovering the benefits of high res music with the majority of my listening being done through headphones.

It seems the two main choices are Tidal or Qobuz. I currently have one month free trials with both platforms and I’m leaning towards Qobuz as it simply sounds better but I don’t have a MQA DAC ( Chord Mojo) as a true comparison however Tidal has greater choice for my taste.

Has anyone any informed insight in laypersons terms they would like to share about MQA files as it seems more marketing gimmick regarding compression and unfolding? There also seems to be a conflicting comments as to what are hi res files and the resolution which can be achieved when played.

Thanks in advance
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    Reviews I've read in the past tend to favour Tidal, with Qobuz being criticised for inferior sound and less music choice. I read (as a French company) they were a little French centric with their library, but this was a while ago and may have changed now as they've added to their catalogue.
    Streaming Hi-Res is an interesting one, and I'll be clear that I've never done it, just looked into it briefly. I usually buy and download any Hi-Res I want, either from HD Tracks or 7 Digital, there's often a choice of bit rate and you know what you're getting.