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Hi, I’m in Belgium with my family for a wee holiday and we are planning to take in the tour of Flanders while there. Will get train in to Oudenaarde on the day, and the shuttle bus to Kwaremont looks a good option based on previous posts re this race. My one concer, given I will have a patient wife and 2 teenagers with it a long wait / mad scrum to get the shuttle bus back to Oudenaarde after the last Kwaremont pass through?

Other option I can see.... catch race going through Oudenaarde around lunchtime then walk out to the Koppenberg. 6km so I’m guessing about a 1 hour walk. More effort but perhaps less uncertainty re getting back to Oufenaarde?


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    There's a big screen at Oude Kwaremont as well as beer and frite stands. The men's and women's races pass by 4 times in total I think so it's a great way to watch a race by the roadside. There's a real festival atmosphere. After the final pass through, most fans gather round the big screen to watch the last 20 minutes. And it's then the mad dash for the buses really begins. I can't remember how long it took to get a bus, but it's like the end of any big sporting event. It will be busy and you will need to be patient.

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    I've never really had an issue getting the shuttle bus either way, yes you have to wait a while sometimes, but the atmosphere is fun and everyone is in a good mood.
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    Cool, thanks for that
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    Looking to catch 6.37pm train from oudenaarde to brussels. So even with a bit of bus waiting at the end I'd hopefully be OK.