Thule 598B Roof Rack clamp

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Anyone use a full bike Thule 598B? the B is just for the black colour I think.

Ive got the roof bars and looking for a suitable bike carrier now...the 561 fork mounted one was my 1st pan, but kind of been put of by Thules reluctance to endorse it for full carbon forked bikes, so the 598 looks a good compromise.

Any advice/reviews would be appreciated.




  • I’ve used the 598 for several trips to France and back as well as around the UK. Never had any problems with it. Carbon framed bike and I use the frame protector too.
  • proto
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    If it’s any help, I’ve used a 561 for years with plenty of bikes with full carbon forks - BMC Pro Mahine, Colnago C59, Trek Emonda and Madone, etc, etc. Covered thousands of miles, at speeds up to 100mph, never had any trouble.
  • Re the 561... I was thinking the same, why would they make them if they weren’t up to the job?
    And another dilemma, my brother has offered me the top of the range lockable fork one on an extended loan... worth a try I guess.... what’s the worst that could happen!!!!