35/38 road tire

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Just ordered a new bike and it a bit of a hybrid between a gravel and dedicated road bike if that makes sense! It has 650b wheels but i would like to use 35/36 mm road tires on it . I have come accross wider but for my use i think the narrower will work better.

Any thoughts or suggestions ?


  • whyamihere
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    What bike is it? Most bikes set up to work with 700c and 650b wheels would expect larger tyres fitted if you run 650b. The problem is that smaller tyres reduce the effective diameter of the wheels - This leads to the BB dropping lower, which can mean you run into issues with weird handling, and even the pedals striking the ground if you try to pedal through relatively mild corners.
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    Its a 3t exploro, I had planned to get 700c wheels at the same time but change of plan budget wise means the will have to wait for a bit. crank strike may not be an problem as its having 165mm cranks fitted. but handling wise may be another issue I had not thought about.