Having CX bike (3in1) - planning byuing MTB, but for what?

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Tl;dr: I have 3in1 bike and consider buying MTB, but not sure, it’s a good option.

Long version: I have cyclocross bike for two years. During this time, I replaced most of parts and now it’s my “dream bike” with also two, identical wheelsets. I use this bike for everything - like road bike, like gravel bike, also as real CX bike. All depends of using tires, and swapping it’s very quickly and simple because these two, complete wheelsets (with disc rotors, cassettes).

I consider buying MTB hardtail as second bike. Maybe “returning to MTB” will be good, because before that CX bike, I had MTB. About three years ago I joined MTB race first time and it was great. Then another, then another… and then I had an accident. Nothing special, without fractures and I finished that race. It was my fault - using carbon fork instead of front damper and lack of technique. After that, riding on MTB and MTB trails and singletracks was not pleasant - I’m just afraid, I was slow etc.

Now I sometimes ride on more demanding terrain using CX bike, but of course I’m careful and don’t risk - it’s only amateur races, only for fun, so… I shouldn’t risk anymore. Why I consider MTB? I don’t like MTB trails, I don’t like MTB maintenance (simplicity of CX/gravel/road bikes is amazing!), and I don’t have plans to start in MTB races but… for about year, “something on the back of the head” says me: “maybe you should try again?”. And really don’t know what to do… I can buy MTB for second hand with good price but… is it good option when I have bike “pretty nice for everything”?


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    Um? Maybe.
    Only you can decide.
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  • Interesting...you mention MTBs but only in respect to races.
    What don't you like about MTB trails (are you talking about MTB trail centres - because I'm not a fan either)?
    I prefer to 'go on an adventure' with mates - ride through some woodland/countryside and see what we find. Would never be able to do it on a CX bike.

    And remember - you can never have enough bikes.
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  • I don't like MTB trails, because it isn't fun for me - as if I do not like any carousels, I also don't like singletracks, fast driving between trees, on rocks etc. On MTB I like challenges such a long and exhaustive uphills.

    I've already have adventure bike - it's that CX/gravel. I can drive it almost everywhere, but of course, sometimes it will be far from pleasure, I also will be much slower (terrain downhils, singletracks etc.). If I will buy MTB, it should be only for more demanding terrain and races. Some people say me, that I should try full suspension MTB in my situation.