Fox 32 fork dead?

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Took my fox 32 fork to get the seals replaced bacause it was leaking oil (both legs). The shop said when the air was let out the fork green gunk started coming out of the air valve? Also said that when unscrewing the bolts at the bottom of the fork there was a metal scraping sound so he stopped there.

Any advice on the next steps? Thinking of just stripping the bike down and selling it for parts


  • cooldad
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    Take them to bits and look. Just for fun.
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  • Good idea! Cheers
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    The green gunk is caused by oil passing from the negative to positive air chamber. That can be because too much oil was added to the lower leg or the scraper is damaged or simply because the fork is well overdue a service.
    Remove the too cap and clean the gunk out. Then do a lower leg service and see how the fork performs after that.
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  • Cheers, I’ll look into that