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Powermeter with turbo in erg mode for TrainerRoad / Zwift

CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
I have a powermeter and a Tacx Bushido - I like to think the powermeter is more accurate, plus I can use it outside so it's a more useful metric. (Not to mention there is a near 40w difference at above threshold power - in favour of the pm of course :))

This combo works OK if I'm just riding round Zwift but didn't seem to work well when I tried to do some workouts in erg mode on TrainerRoad. Can't remember exactly why - whether it was just lag or power not matching up.

Anyway, is anyone successfully using this kind of setup? And if so what settings do I need to be looking at?



  • Djd3737Djd3737 Posts: 82
    Nope, have tried ERG in the past with Powertap P1's and Tacx Vortex, and recently the P1's with a Tacx Neo and it is all over the place. Luckily the Neo and P1's read really close, so not an issue switching between them when want ERG. Still use the P1's for Zwift racing as there is a lag with the Neo which is a pain for surges and sprints.
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