Watching Eurosport player in USA

blockroyd Posts: 4
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it seems that NordVPN does not work with Eurpsport player

does anyone know of a VPN, for an IOS device

or even an official subscribtion sevice perhaps a little better than ... oldcyc1066

while staying and working the the US of A ?

Thanks in advance


  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,688
    I use Private Internet Access, and have just done a few tests with Eurosport Player in Chrome.

    PIA off - Accesses UK site as expected
    PIA on, location set to New York - Access Denied
    PIA on, location set to Belgium - Loads Belgian Eurosport Player
    PIA on, location set to London - Loads UK Eurosport Player

    In short, it appears to work. Obviously I cannot comment on whether it will work with your specific situation.
  • figbat
    figbat Posts: 680
    I use Tunnelbear, but only the free option which has a very limited monthly data limit which is very quickly diminished by streaming video.
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