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Brian1Brian1 Posts: 595
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My wife and I are looking to rent a property in Carcassonne for the month of May. We have looked on the internet but cant see anything we particularly like. All we need is 1 bedroom with a bit of outside space or a balcony. Does anyone have a property to rent or can make any recommendations.TIA


  • BeatmakerBeatmaker Posts: 1,092
    Unfortunately I can't help you with your accomodation request, but I can highly recommend the cassoulet at Le Trivalou.
  • hopkinbhopkinb Posts: 7,129
    I would recommend the cassoulet at Le Tirou on the outskirts of Castelnaudary.

    I have only stayed in the hotel de la cite in Carcassonne itself, which, although it's a great place to stay, would be ruinously expensive for a whole month...

    I have, however, stayed a couple of times in a quiet village called Alaigne - about 35 mins drive south from Carcassone - kind of in between Limoux and Mirepoix. An English couple own a B&B and a couple of small gites in the village. Google "chez dyna" for their website. Dunno if that helps, or whether you want to be in Carcassonne itself.
  • Brian1Brian1 Posts: 595
    Thanks for the reply but it is cenral Carcassonne we are looking for.
  • tourdrivingtourdriving Posts: 228
    Maybe this site for the city can help you bike hire and travel links, in 47 countries UK Bike & Motorcycle hire in Counties after ABC
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