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best bike for 11 year old girl

somtamsomtam Posts: 21
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Can anyone please help me?
I have been looking for a bike for my daughter (does not have to be women specific) and she stipulates that is must be blue lol
I have found 2 bikes and was wondering which would have the best spec/after care service should anything go wrong at all. ... prod173139 ... ke-p450869

Thank you so much


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,745
    Hi, out of the two probably the vitus as better spec and CRC are normally good at aftercare. However forgetting the colour I'd be looking at the following as better specs overall. ... -27-5-2018 ... -20-frames
    Personally the Marin is by far the best specced bike if the sizes are ok and its blue.
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  • bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812
    I now work for WiggleCRC (so make of that what you will) and I've had many conversations with the designer of the Vitus on what makes a great kids bike. I think they did a great job with the Vitus 26 - and it's what I'd have bought my lad if it had been available when he was younger).

    Anyway, the Vitus is 12.5 kg which is apparently 2kg lighter than the Mondraker. The Vitus has an air fork which I think is a better choice than the Recon coil on the Marin, though the Marin does have a good spec and does look like a great bike... but the Marin is significantly more expensive. The Fury is more expensive still and while a great bike it will likely be much too big: the smallest size on the website is 18" (the Vitus and Marin come as 13.5", with the Marin also available as a 15").
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