'Home Cinema' humble projector / screen for summerhouse

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I have inherited a nice sizeable summerhouse with the property I bought in December. It's fully electric and solidly built. I'd like to get a reasonably cheap and cheerful projector and screen setup there to watch films and sport. I don't want to pay too much as it's not worth the risk - it could be easily broken into though the projector could be moved. Can anyone recommend a good 'mid range' setup that would do the job? I don't care about ultra hi def 4k blah blah and all, just something which will be reasonable quality. Maybe £500 - £750 bracket.

I guess a massive TV would work - but again, it's the risk of theft.


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    You could just paint the wall with a very faintly grey matt paint instead of a screen?
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  • Aren't summerhouses full of light with lots of windows where as projectors needs dark rooms. You'd probably be better off with a cheap large screen tv. Looking on hotukdeals there is this one.

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/digiho ... al-3194542

    65" is pretty big and its 4k with a host of smart features. Also being LCD it deliver a better picture in higher light levels. Also you can bolt it to a wall to make it hard to steal. Use security bolts/bits so they can't use standard screwdrivers. The Digihome brand is probably less appealing to thieves too.
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    Thanks for the tips all, much appreciated.
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    My experience with home projectors is that they are fairly noisy when running, but I've only ever used the older ones. I don't know what a modern one is like. The other issue was always how long the lamp was going to last.

    The older I get, the better I was.

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    A good set of blinds would be a worthwhile investment to keep the light out. It will also help ensure that you don't get disturbed while watching 'sport'.
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    Capt Slog wrote:
    The other issue was always how long the lamp was going to last.

    The real issue what is the cost of replacing the lamp. They tend to be costly.

    I'd go for the TV option. Buy last year's model (or second hand) and adapt the wall mount to take a padlock to make it harder to steal.