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Rattle from Rear Wheel

ashnormanashnorman Posts: 19
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I have a rattle coming from my rear wheel (I think). It only seems to happen when the rear cassette is under a force. It is worst in the highest gear when peddling quickly.
I can feel it in the pedals when turning them with my hands. Link to video on youtube below.
It sounds like it is coming from the rear hub (bearings perhaps?) / cassette although initially I thought it might be the crank (especially since I could feel it in the pedals)

Any ideas?

Link to video here


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,967
    Not cross-chaining would be a good start. Does it still make the noise when you are in a more appropriate gear selection?
  • ashnormanashnorman Posts: 19
    Imposter wrote:
    Not cross-chaining would be a good start. Does it still make the noise when you are in a more appropriate gear selection?

    It's not cross-chaining. Perhaps just looks like it due to the angle of the video. any ideas then?
  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    are your chain rings worn?

    have you adjusted the cable tension? could the gear cable be worn or ? (check inside the hoods), is there sticking in the outers? Check for issues with the cable by undoing the cable at the mech. If the problem is solved its the cable. Change the outers too if you can. If its not that try below

    have you adjustedthe limit screw or does it need adjusting ? is the mech or derailleur cage bent?

    Whilst youre doing that you might as well check the chain.
  • i.bhamrai.bhamra Posts: 246
    You mention the hub bearings and cassette which are obvious culprits, have you checked them?

    Any lateral movement in the wheel whilst in the drop-out with the skewer done up? Any roughness when spinning the wheel by hand? These would point towards bearing/hub issues.

    Have you checked the cassette for any lateral movement? Just take the wheel out of the bike and check for play, maybe the lock-ring just needs tightening up. If there is movement and the lockring is tight then maybe it's the freehub that's worn.
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,675
    I'd start by cleaning and lubing the drivetrain. The cassette looks filthy and the chain looks filthy as well as dry.

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  • trekvettrekvet Posts: 221
    Does it rattle when correct way up? Bikes are not designed for problem solving when upsidedown!!!
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  • plowmarplowmar Posts: 1,032
    Have you taken the lolly pop stick out? :)
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