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Handlebar bag for commutes, to hold shirts

gustybhgustybh Posts: 16
edited March 2019 in Commuting general

I've currently got a musette that's pretty water proof for carrying my work clothing, it fits shirt, trousers & underwear. The musette gets annoying if I'm wearing anything windproof/waterproof as it tends to slip around a bit more than it does on a jersey fabric. I leave a spare coat & pair of shoes in the office.

What I'm looking for is a replacement of that with a handlebar bag that can keep my shirts that little bit neater, preferabbly a bag designed for carrying clothes on commutes, it doesn't need to be as big or robust as a bag for bikepacking which is what fills my google searches. Basically the handlebar equivalent of the Henty Wingman bags, but a bit smaller.

I've only got one bike as well, so something that doesn't need any tools for removal would be ideal.


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