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Please sort out banner advert

User2024User2024 Posts: 16
I know you have a few topics on adverts, but they seem to be old and I don't think anyone reads them.

The banner advert is horrible it loads late forcing content to be pushed down, nearly EVERY website does this and the simple fix is just give the container a fix height so it does not force content down, it seems to be the same height on every load anyway.



  • Ditto the above! Really annoying and like above I never ever read them, even the one with Holly Willoughby in a mini skirt!
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,032
    As above - never thought I'd say this, but the Holly Willoughby banners are particularly annoying - not to mention utterly irrelevant to the forum membership, I would guess. Targeted advertising fail...
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