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I am looking at a 2014 cyclocross bike with Canti brakes. Is there much of a difference in stopping power in canti brakes and disc brakes? I want to try cyclocross racing and use the bike as a winter bike as well and have just never used that style of canti brake so am just looking for advice on them.

The bike is a 2014 crux with 105 and carbon frame so looks to be a good spec price and a good overall bike but I have just never used that style of brake compared to hydraulic disc and Ultegra cantilever brakes.


  • imposter2.0
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    Cantis will work fine in most conditions, so don't let that sway your choice. Stopping power is rarely 'critical' in CX anyway..
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    Canti's are fine as long as you know how to set them up. A lot of bike shops seems to be really poor at it.
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    It's only in the last year or two that discs have taken off in cross. You'll be fine on canty's.
  • theyre fine, if youre just starting cross, it wont be the lack of disc brakes that holds you back or tips you off.
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    I struggled getting my tektro canti brakes to work well for several years. They might have been ok for racing but I never felt they would safely stop me if i needed to stop quickly. I got a pair of trp V brakes, which at £90 were not cheap. But well worth the investment I think. Much improved braking performance.
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    Ok for racing cross not so good on the road if your going say 40mph downhill etc & you want decent brakes.

    I swapped mine for tekro mini V's with still aren't great but slightly better than the canti, but still not as good as 4700 rim brakes.