Good Beginner Options?

BigMcCann77 Posts: 2
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Hi all new to the forums hope to contribute more over the coming months!

Long story short, new to MTB and really want something to start me off in the right direction for a few years to come.

Have a budget of around £500ish, which is not a-lot but is a start.

Have a few discounted options available to my current situation, brand new not second hand also which is great.

I may be able to get my hands on this Voodoo Bokor for £490 instead of RRP £850: ... -2018.html

This Bizango for around £400-450 instead RRP £650: ... -22-frames

And there MIGHT be a possibility of this Vitus instead of £850 for around the £600-650 mark too which is another option: ... prod173163

What would be the best bang for my buck, as i have been fumbling through these bikes and haven't made my mind up yet. I am inclined towards the Bokor if the vitus does turn out to be over the £650 mark. Although are the Rock Shox judy gold on this bike any good?